If it’s only price that matters, things can go horrible wrong

price-bagA fairly typical value relation between packaging and content in a big bag is 7 to 2,000. Seven euros for the bag and 2,000 or more for the content. So if you only look at the price tag of each bag you could be fooling yourself. There are other important values that go into a packaging chain, such as security, safety and not least, brand perception. If things go wrong you could suffer not only economically, but also in your relationships with your customers who are dependent on your delivery. Your brand will suffer.

Tailoring quality into every lifting loop and smallest seam is vital and this is our strength.

Laws and regulations are becoming tighter, especially regarding food transport. More mandatory certificates are making the handling of large volumes even more complex. Since, in many respects, you are buying transport security and the minimisation of risk, it is important to have a reliable and strong partner. Not just strong bags.

We would like to believe Boxon is that partner.