Sustainable solutions require relevant questions

To ensure relevant and reliable solutions we always ask you a few more questions. Every new client will meet the inquisitive side of Boxon.


We can only uphold our FIBC expertise by asking new customers the right questions and making sure we get the right answers. We always focus on the client’s perspective so we ask those extra questions that competitors tend to skip. The only way to acquire deep knowledge and experience in your specific business is to delve into the problems you hire us to solve.

› Select loops and bottom construction to your Big Bag

So what kind of questions would we ask you?

What type of bags do you use? What is your filling equipment? What do you know about the emptying equipment? Estimated yearly consumption? What is your logistics and warehouse system? What certifications are important to you? Are we meeting the right people in your company, those who will be affected by your purchase decision? Interested in a long term contract with benefits?

And when you think we’ve finished, there are always a few more questions to ask. This is how we are. This is how we work. We know it’s the best way. For us, but more importantly, for you.

We add value with our tool box


Many customers say they appreciate our extensive experience from the complete bulk handling process. ”The way you approach our bulk handling gives us a valuable helicopter view of what we need to improve.”

We are glad they say that because that is exactly what we aim to do: uncover the needs and requirements in a company after learning about its processes. Usually more than one decision maker influences the solution so we make every effort to listen to everyone’s opinion.

We handle different perspectives in your purchasing process proactively and quickly so that we can integrate the relevant solutions into your daily operations. In doing so we build a bridge between purchase, production, logistics and technical departments in your company.

This bridge of understanding is crucial to have in any company.

› What type of Big bag does your needs require?

The Boxon toolbox is of great use in our efforts to create value. With a number of tools we add value to your bulk handling.

  1. PRODUCT – the bag is ”only” the carrier. Everything that evolves from it – services, full scale A-Z solutions, quality guarantees, logistics and much, much more – will add value to your bulk handling.
  2. PRODUCT OPTIMIZATION – this tool is virtually a long list of check points. It helps us formulate all the relevant questions to every new customer and analyse every need from A to Z.
  3. PRODUCT RANGE – a complete range of FIBCs and services respond to all existing needs on the market. From standard to tailor-made. Add to that, complementary
    goods and a whole range of bulk handling related products.
  4. CSR/RELIABILITY – our environmental policy, our code of conduct, anti-trust
    commitment and social engagement are essential tools in our efforts to build long
    lasting customer relationships.
  5. LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS – an important tool for any client! It contains back-up production on two continents (Europe and Asia), direct shipment, just-in-time-delivery, consignment stock and many, many services.
  6. INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE – we guarantee to supply local and global customers with consistent quality and services worldwide. Offices in Germany,
    Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France and China and partnerships in many other countries.

› Put together your own Big Bag

Every little stitch counts.


Think of Boxon as a company with the highest degree of excellence. A company where every little stitch counts.

How we perform and how we compare to our competitors in the marketplace – where you are the judge – quality is the game we want to win. From the quality we sew into every bag to our service level. From how we optimise the CO2 footprint of each product to how we guide ourselves from an ethical and social standpoint.

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Tailoring quality into every lifting loop and smallest seam is vital and this is our strength. Caring about details is important and the key to safe and secure FIBC’s. It is all about trust and reliability.

So what’s in a bag?

A Big bag seems like such a simple produkt. It is not. Most of our customers (80%) need to add features to our standard bags nad thereby require custom made Big Bags.

› Create your own bag according to your own needs – start here

bag-closupOur FIBC are made of polyprophelene which is 100 % recyclable and environmental friendly. The thicknes of the weave are influenced by several factors, like the max weight (SWL) of the Big Bag and the safety aspects (SF). A liner is used to protect the filling goods and to give better tightness in the bag.

Boxon’s round bottom liners is a perfect example of our cost-effectove solutions. The round bottom liner is custom-made solutions without folds, and it fits round containers.

Read more about our bulk range and all the tools you need need to handle your Big Bag.

If it’s only price that matters, things can go horrible wrong

price-bagA fairly typical value relation between packaging and content in a big bag is 7 to 2,000. Seven euros for the bag and 2,000 or more for the content. So if you only look at the price tag of each bag you could be fooling yourself. There are other important values that go into a packaging chain, such as security, safety and not least, brand perception. If things go wrong you could suffer not only economically, but also in your relationships with your customers who are dependent on your delivery. Your brand will suffer.

Tailoring quality into every lifting loop and smallest seam is vital and this is our strength.

Laws and regulations are becoming tighter, especially regarding food transport. More mandatory certificates are making the handling of large volumes even more complex. Since, in many respects, you are buying transport security and the minimisation of risk, it is important to have a reliable and strong partner. Not just strong bags.

We would like to believe Boxon is that partner.

What does your business require? Standard or tailor-made?


At Boxon standard is not in any way inferior to tailor-made. As our high quality standards are at the core of every Boxon big bag, there is no real difference between both of them. But then we start adding features.

Again, it all comes down to what you put in the bags.

Constructing a big bag according to the unique needs of your trade or business is a craft that we approach from a tailoring perspective. A tailor-made bag has more features and functions sewn into it to meet specific requirements, laws and regulations.

For many customers standard bags do the job; and with Boxon standards, they do it well – however as many as 80 per cent of our clients need to add features. That’s when we add flexibility and specialisation.

› Put together your own Big bag

But a bag is only a carrier. To most clients, the extra values we add to the whole bulk handling process are even more important. We also tailor these to each customer’s unique requirements.

Our clients often outsource their logistics, distribution solutions and packaging development to us. So it is not only about sewing the bag, it is how we reduce your claims and shipping costs with a maintained level of quality. If this is tailor-making, Boxon is a reliable tailor.

Content is King

Simple packaging has developed into rather complex packaging systems. From a roll of tape and a box to robot packing machines, intelligent labels loaded with information and advanced global bulk handling. Boxon acts within this complete range of products and services. We don’t stop at the box, the label or the big bag. We go beyond.

4-loop-260When it comes to our offer withing the bulk section content is everything – from gravel to grain, from sand to sugar.In the world of bulk handling everything starts with the content. Content is king. It directs the solutions we decide upon together with you. The content, or filling material, decides what kind of bag you need, material, construction and lining.

Put together your own Big bag – start here

Also what kind of rules and regulations the bag has to comply with. Whatever you fill it with – from recycling material and raw material such as sand or iron oxide to advanced content like baby food and chemicals – rest assured that we sew the Boxon quality into every seam.

Bulk handling is all about large plastic bags that must hold for oftern quite brusque handling of two tons of metal powder, or three tons of grain, or fertilizers. Large, heavy volumes that must be transported safely, securely anf sustainably according to laws and regulations.