Selling big bags puts us in the global production business


Selling big bags puts us in the global production business. We act and behave accordingly.

Boxon Bulk operates on a global market level with manufacturers and suppliers in many countries such as India, China and Thailand. We are scrutinised and judged just like all other operations in Asia where fabrics and textile products are being manufactured. It places demands on us.

Oliver Grüters is Business Area Manager for Boxon Bulk. He is dedicated to and deeply involved in ethical issues.

We have always assumed a greater social responsibility than our industry rivals. We pursue these issues wholeheartedly and do not allow much margin for error in this area.

We have established strict rules for what our suppliers must comply with and we are proud to say that we answer to one of the world’s most stringent standards – SA8000.

Our views on child labour, forced labour, health and safety, freedom of association, discrimination, discipline, working hours and pay are words we take seriously and we are definitely on the right side of the fence in these issues.

Find out more about our Bulk division here ›

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