Selling big bags puts us in the global production business


Selling big bags puts us in the global production business. We act and behave accordingly.

Boxon Bulk operates on a global market level with manufacturers and suppliers in many countries such as India, China and Thailand. We are scrutinised and judged just like all other operations in Asia where fabrics and textile products are being manufactured. It places demands on us.

Oliver Grüters is Business Area Manager for Boxon Bulk. He is dedicated to and deeply involved in ethical issues.

We have always assumed a greater social responsibility than our industry rivals. We pursue these issues wholeheartedly and do not allow much margin for error in this area.

We have established strict rules for what our suppliers must comply with and we are proud to say that we answer to one of the world’s most stringent standards – SA8000.

Our views on child labour, forced labour, health and safety, freedom of association, discrimination, discipline, working hours and pay are words we take seriously and we are definitely on the right side of the fence in these issues.

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Reduceret miljøpåvirkning og forbedret lønsomhed.

Hvorfor fragte unødig emballage, når du kan gøre det på præcis på den plads og i den mængde, som du har brug for. Både miljøet og din virksomhed tjener på det.

Tag f.eks. boblefolie. Den traditionelle rulle er pladskrævende og optager plads både ved transport og opbevaring. Med New Air I.B.® Express sætter du hurtigt og enkelt boblefolien på plads, og fragt og lageromkostninger er væsentligt reduceret. New Air I.B.® Express passer til virksomheder med mellemstort til stort forbrug af støddæmpende materialer.

Vi leverer en række forskellige støddæmpende systemløsninger, enten papir- eller plastbaserede afhængig af behov. Vi tilbyder systemer tilpasset til det lille forbrug og det store forbrug, og vores forskellige systemer klarer ufyldning, støddæmpning og indpakning.


Af matricen fremgår det, hvilke systemer der passer til hvilke applikationer samt til hvilket behov. Har du spørgsmål, eller ønsker du, at vi skal analysere din emballeringskæde for omkostningseffektive løsninger, skal du blot kontakte os.

Sustainable solutions require relevant questions

To ensure relevant and reliable solutions we always ask you a few more questions. Every new client will meet the inquisitive side of Boxon.


We can only uphold our FIBC expertise by asking new customers the right questions and making sure we get the right answers. We always focus on the client’s perspective so we ask those extra questions that competitors tend to skip. The only way to acquire deep knowledge and experience in your specific business is to delve into the problems you hire us to solve.

› Select loops and bottom construction to your Big Bag

So what kind of questions would we ask you?

What type of bags do you use? What is your filling equipment? What do you know about the emptying equipment? Estimated yearly consumption? What is your logistics and warehouse system? What certifications are important to you? Are we meeting the right people in your company, those who will be affected by your purchase decision? Interested in a long term contract with benefits?

And when you think we’ve finished, there are always a few more questions to ask. This is how we are. This is how we work. We know it’s the best way. For us, but more importantly, for you.